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Wholesale Vintage Beads

Wholesale Vintage Beads

Have you been looking for vintage beads for your necklace, bracelet, crafting projects, beading projects or for your jewelry projects? Search no more. At Wholesale Beading Supplies, we sell wholesale vintage beads and we offer free shipping on all domestic orders to USA. We sell at very competitive wholesale prices that will enable you save more money, the more you buy. Our vintage beads include marble matte of different colors and plastic link chain or acrylic chain in different colors, styles and sizes. All our vintage beads are made between 1960’s to 1980’s so they are real gemstone. Vintage beads are magnificent, lightweight and sparkle which makes them the best for your designs. We specialize in selling wholesale vintage beads because we know most times they are in short supplies but we have got you covered for that project. We are your #1 store for vintage beading supplies!

We have a variety of quality vintage glass beads, vintage Lucite and fantastic plastic beads and lots more. Visit Wholesale Beading Supplies and you will droll over the wholesale vintage beads we have in stock for you. Don’t wait to make up your mind because other dealers are ready to buy them off immediately and you miss the chance to get them.

How to identify genuine vintage beads so that you don’t fall a victim for fake vintage beads:

Sort the beads into colors, forms, and sizes as it will be a lot easier to select through them and know the real vintage beads.

You can even examine the beads under natural light or excellent light conditions using a magnifying glass to see through the bead. If there are older embellishments or setting that come with the beads, then it is of higher quality. You can also look out for sheen or gleam or any other shiny element to the vintage bead that will help specify its origin. Or sometimes, there could be natural aging that will take place, which indicates a physical feature that has been for an extended period.

When you feel vintage beads, they are more or less glass, and they are cold to the hand. The materials used in creating vintage beads which makes it cold to the touch are glass, stone, gemstone pearl, shell or metal. When you feel it, then it’s a good sign that the vintage beads are genuine. Most times, they feel heavy and could be warm which shows they were made from vegetable ivory, wood, bone or derived from animal ivory.

When you wiggle vintage beads in your folded hands, and they fall together, if they make a more massive noise or sound, then you are with the right vintage beads. Though you need to have trained your ears to be familiar with glass sounds.

Finally, we speak quality and original in Wholesale Beading Supplies. So it lies with you to select the beads you want, and we give you the best wholesale vintage beads at a very competitive price that you can’t get from other suppliers.

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Wholesale Vintage Beads
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